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Quick Update

So I have been a bit busy and I still haven’t been able to work on hypno stuff. After a winter break I didn’t want to suddenly stop again obviously, but if things come up then there is nothing I can really do but sort it out and I will be getting back to this very soon.

I am happy that I was able to make a start with doing this because it was something I wanted to do for a while. It’s nice that I have been able to record some files and I know that I can do it. I was never in doubt of course, but I wasn’t sure if the quality would be good or if my voice would sound ok. Some people have said I have a nice voice which is good, and the audio quality of my files has been fine.

So I will be making more files when I can and soon, though I feel like I’m starting again but I have an idea of what I want to do from here. I really enjoy making these files and it’s good to have stuff people can listen to because I am unable to do private sessions right now. I would love to but I just don’t have the time.

I still have a problem that I don’t know what to do about hosting because I haven’t got a clue about websites and files hosting stuff. I would ideally like to have my own site. I will need to have a proper search around one day and figure something out.

In time I will get round to doing custom file requests. It’s something I want to do, and I will post an update with all the information when the time comes.

I don’t like disappearing for weeks, but maybe I was ambitious to try making a files every week. I’ll just get stuff done when I can and try not to have too long a gap between files.

Hypnosis: Horny as a video because someone mentioned they would be unable to download the file for whatever reason which is fine.

I didn’t really want to upload a video of every file I make, but I may rethink that because I’m not sure otherwise how I can host files for people to just listen to. If they are under 10MB I can upload them straight to tumblr but they would have to be short files less than and around 10 minutes.

But yeah I wrote a little script ages ago to make the reader horny and someone recently requested I voice it. Here it is after I rewrote it a bit to make it more suitable for voice. So basically this is simply a file to make you feel aroused and horny and that you will need to find relief after listening.

And download links are available:

Hypnosis: Lose Control (Remade)

This file is about losing control feeling like you having no choice but to obey and enjoy having no control. But you should know that you are always in control. You have free will and you make your own choice and so you are also free to make the choice of giving up control.

Downloads available on my blog:

So I had a prolonged winter break, and I also had some other stuff to do. But now I am back to get stuff done and firstly I feel like remaking some files because I feel I can do them better now that I have some experience with recording files. I will definitely be redoing Lose Control and Surrender and you can expect both of these very soon. There will probably be other remakes - I might redo all my files to be honest - but also I have many new things to come.

As someone requested I will be looking to record the horny script which I completely forgot about but that could be fun to voice record - just needs a bit of work first. Such a long time ago now it feels - all the way back from March! Where does the time go?

I am also always looking for more options where I can upload files. Someone was nice enough to suggest literoitca but I think I won’t be using that site. If anyone has suggestions for where I can host files then let me know.


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