Melons of Emptiness

Hi, I'm Daye and I'm a guy who likes hypnosis and boobs and some other fetishes. :P
I felt like just having a tumblr to post and reblog sexy stuff, and will also be sharing some of my own creations too.
You are most likely to see hypnosis, boobs, ecchi pics, manips, stories and anything I find sexy.
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I decided to redo an old relaxation induction and upload it to kick off my new channel. :)

This is my own version of a relaxation style induction with a few quick suggestions for enjoying hypnosis, and to give you a trigger to return here. You have the freedom and control to choose when you are hypnotised and whoyou allow to hypnotise you.

~Master Daye

An update on where I am and what will be happening from this point on. I have been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of sorting stuff out.

I have been working on some things and I will be back to making files, and hopefully some other content. There will not be a regular schedule and I will release new stuff when it is completed and ready - no rushing. I still have an issue with finding quiet time to record, and I also need to get back into the swing of things with recording.

I will be using a new name of Master Daye. Day is something a friend from years and years ago would call me, and I’ve added an e to the end of it just to be different - it is still pronounced the same. To me this feel a bit more personal and real as opposed to using some online alias, but this is just my thoughts.

The name of this tumblr will still remain melonsofemptiness, because the whole purpose of this tumblr blog was boobs and hypnosis that may cause empty minds. Of course boobs cause empty minds too, it is just so easy to find yourself hypnotised whenever you look at boobs. :)

I will though be getting a new youtube and blog to post stuff to. Whether I reupload or recreate my old stuff, I don’t know about that yet. It may be more of a case of readapting them, though I liked the inductions I made so I will probably use them again. I’ve had plenty of time to think things over with it just being summer and less distractions, and I believe I now have a better idea of what I want to do. :)


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